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Areas of Practice


Mr. Ross prepares wills, living trusts, living wills, health care powers of attorney and probates estates.

A person can direct how his/her property should be distributed upon death by using a will or trust.  

Living wills and health care powers of Attorney are used to give instructions if one becomes hospitalized.

It may be necessary to probate an estate when a person dies leaving assets titled in his/her name.  In this situation, the Court transfers title to to the property to the beneficiary/beneficiaries according to the will or according to law.


The purpose of bankruptcy is to give the debtor a fresh start.  Debtors may be able to discharge all debts while keeping all exempt property.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may discharge all debts.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to make monthly payments.  Many factors are considered in determining whether one should do a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Personal Injury

Money (compensation) may be awarded when a person is injured due to negligence or fault of another, or when a person sustains damage to his/her property.  

For example, if someone is in an automobile accident, he/she may be entitled to money (compensation) for damages to his/her automobile, money for lost wages and money for pain and suffering.

Sale of Structured Settlements

The usual situation is that a person is receiving monthly payments (periodic payments) from an insurance company over a period of time and wishes to sell the right to receive monthly payments (periodic payments) in the future for a current lump sum amount.  The law regulates how a person must go about the sale.  The law provides that the seller must consult with a Professional and the Judge of Probate Court must approve such a sale.

Social Security

There are two types of claims. One type, Social Security Disability (SSD), is when someone becomes disabled after having worked. Compensation is based on previous earnings. The second type, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not based on earnings. A typical example of SSI might be someone who is born with a disability and has always been unable to work.


Mr. Ross also handles other general civil matters.  For example, he may prepare a general power of Attorney, he may prepare deeds for real estate transfers or become involved in a collection case.  He does general civil trial work in all Courts.


Mr. Ross helps those seeking legal residence in the United States or seeking to advance his/her legal status.  Since many of his current clients only speak Spanish, a Spanish language interpreter is available.

Worker's Compensation

Money (compensation) may be awarded to a worker for a work-related injury or disability without proof of actual negligence or fault.  The worker may be compensated for lost wages and injury and extent of disability.